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Título Awaken: estimulación multisensorial para vigilantes.Trabajo de Grado / En línea - Trabajo de Grado
Autor(es) Mondragon Medina, Santiago (Autor)
Morales Arroyo, María Camila (Autor)
Duarte Garcés, Natalia (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, 2019
Descripción Física 13 páginas
Idioma Español;
Departamento de Diseño
Materia(s) Estimulación multisensorial; Empresas de seguridad; Herramienta tecnológica; Herramientas digitales; Dispositivos móviles; Seguridad; Vigilancia; Sueño; Trastornos del sueño; Trastornos mentales; Clima laboral; Trabajos de grado;
Nota(s) Trabajo de grado (Diseño de Medios Interactivos). Universidad Icesi, 2019.
Artículo de proyecto de grado del Departamento de Diseño
Resumen The purpose of this investigation was to find a new alternative for sleep dissuasion in residential units guards who work night shifts, with the aim of improving their welfare in relations to their work, reducing the chances of falling asleep and using distractors that carry labor sanctions. For the development of this project, to start, a bibliographic investigation was conducted to help understand related topics, it was followed by interviews with professionals from different areas related to the study of the work environment and observation in context to residential unit guards. A construction of a guard night shift experience journey map was created and with the findings, a new process of ideation started. Finally, the approaches were validated with market tests on users other than guards and with guards through role-playing activities, after the feedback a new approach was built, which has been iterated as the context has stated. During this process a premise was found on which the entire approach was based, the guards are interest in a tool or solution that helps them to cope with sleep during the night shift; Basic requirements also arose, such as: the approach must take into account that it is for a night context, it cannot be a direct distractor for the guards, the stimuli cannot provoke over alert and it has to be design based on sober aesthetics due to the security and surveillance context. Awaken is a solutions that brings together alternatives around sleep that had not been considered together before. The diagnosis of the sleep phase (or wakefulness) through HRV and multisensory stimulation using certain stimuli that increase neural activity in those who receive it.
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