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Título The Palgrave handbook of anti-communist persecutions / Christian Gerlach, Clemens Six, editorsLibros / En línea - Libros
Autor(es) Gerlach, Christian, 1963- (Editor)
Six, Clemens, 1975- (Editor)
Publicación Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2020
Descripción Física 1 recurso en línea (xv, 597 páginas)
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9783030549626
Clasificación(es) 335.430904
Departamento de Estudios Jurídicos
Materia(s) Movimientos anticomunistas - Historia - Siglo XX; Persecuciones políticas - Historia - Siglo XX; Ciencia política - Filosofía; Historia social; Historia mundial; Historia moderna; Política internacional; Libros electrónicos;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Introduction: Anti-Communist Persecutions in The 20th Century- Christian Gerlach -- Policies and Practices of Persecution -- The Smith Act Trials and Systemic Violence: Anti-Communist Persecution and Prosecution in America, 1949-1957- Barbara J. Falk -- The Continuities and Discontinuities of Anti-Leftist State Persecution in Modern Japan- Frank Jacob -- Franco's Anti-Communist Judicial System: Results and Solutions of Spanish Transitional Justice- Daniel Vallès Muñío -- Laboratories of The Conditio Humana: The Role of Communism in Greek and Argentine Torture Centers During Their Last Military Dictatorships- Janis Nalbadidacis -- Maoist Insurgency and The State's Counterinsurgency in India: An Anti-Anti-Communist Historical Perspective- Bernard D'mello and Gautam Navlakha -- Getting Hold of a Universe of Conspirators: Anti-Communist Panic, Fears of Subversion, and the Routine of Repression in Senegal's Early Postcolonial Secret Police (The Sûreté), 1962-1965- Alexander Keese -- Anti-Communism in The Context of Nation-Building, Race and Religion -- How Anti-Communism Disrupted Decolonization: South Korea's State-Building Under US Patronage- Dong-Choon Kim -- Redefining The Outsider: Anti-Communist Narratives and the Student Massacre in Tlatelolco (1968)- Elisa Kriza -- The Black and Red Scare in the 20th Century United States- Robbie Lieberman -- Christian Agency in Anti-Communist Persecution? British-Malaya and Indonesia in the 1950s and 1960s- Clemens Six -- Anti-Communist Persecution and New Models of Capital Accumulation -- Killing Communists: Stalinist Repression and the "Great Terror" in the Soviet Union- Wendy Z. Goldman -- Nation-Building as Anti-Communist Violence: The Armed Forces in Cold War Argentina- James H. Shrader -- The Role of Non-State Actors -- Non-State Anti-Communism and Political Violence in Argentina and Uruguay, 1958-1973- Ernesto Bohoslavsky and Magdalena Broquetas.
The Religious Justification of Anti-Communist Persecutions in Greece (1920-1949)- Amaryllis Logotheti -- From World War One to The Vanguard of Nazism? A Statistical Approach to the History of German Paramilitarism- Jan-Philipp Pomplun -- The Persecution of Communists in Mao's China- Ning Wang -- A Short History of Anti-Communist Violence in Colombia (1930-2018): Rupture with the Past or Rebranding?- Andrei Gomez-Suarez -- Responses of the Persecuted -- "So That They Leave the Prison Cage as Conscious Revolutionaries": How Polish Communists Used Prison- Padraic Kenney -- Women, Communism, and Repression in Interwar Poland: 1918-1939- Natalia Jarska -- Indonesian Narratives of Survival in and after 1965 and their Relation to Societal Persecution- Christian Gerlach -- Remembering Anticommunist Violence in Rural Society in Indonesia: Patronage, Agricultural Transformation, and the Legacy of Violence- Grace Leksana -- The Left in Turkey: Emergence, Persecutions and Left-Wing Memory Work- Berna Pekesen -- Concluding Remarks -- Anti-Communism Between Globe-Spanning Processes and Local Peculiarities- Clemens Six.
Resumen This handbook explores anti-communism as an overarching phenomenon of twentieth-century global history, showing how anti-communist policies and practices transformed societies around the world. It advances research on anti-communism by looking beyond ideologies and propaganda to uncover how these ideas were put into practice. Case studies examine the role of states and non-state actors in anti-communist persecutions, and cover a range of topics, including social crises, capitalist accumulation and dispossession, political clientelism and warfare. Through its comparative perspective, the handbook reveals striking similarities between different cases from various world regions and highlights the numerous long-term consequences of anti-communism that exceeded by far the struggle against communism in a narrow sense. Contributing to the growing body of work on the social history of mass violence, this volume is an essential resource for students and scholars interested to understand how twentieth-century anti-communist persecutions have shaped societies around the world today.Chapter 7 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via
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