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Título Systematization of the implementation of an online didactic sequence focused on timelines in moodle to increase student motivation during the context of pandemic 2020.Tesis de Maestría / En línea - Tesis de Maestría
Autor(es) Lugo Torres, John Freddy (Autor)
Portilla Quintero, Brayan (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, 2021
Descripción Física 74 páginas
Idioma Español;
Clasificación(es) EDUCACION
Departamento de Pedagogía
Materia(s) Moodle (Plataforma de enseñanza-aprendizaje); Secuencia didáctica; Cronogramas; Chronograms; Lengua extranjera; Entorno virtual; Motivación; Pandemias; Aprendizaje del inglés; Universidad Icesi; Sistematización; Estudiantes; Students; Tésis;
Nota(s) Tesis (Maestría en Educación mediada por las TIC) Universidad Icesi, 2021.
Resumen Due to the pandemic that affected the world caused by the Covid-19 during early 2020 different sectors of society were confined and sent to work from home using the technology as the first and most important tool to communicate with the students. In order to avoid the spreading of the virus all institutions required their teachers to keep classes in the online field, educators from all over the world had to adapt their material to the virtual environment and with this adaption different issues appeared. Lack of motivation, stress, overwork, and lots of problems related with the technology management were mentioned by students who manifested teachers were just sending the material they have planned for the physical classes in different online platforms. This project sought to propose a didactic sequence to enhance student motivation towards the English learning as a foreign language in the Universidad Católica during the lockdown. During this experience, the different findings related to the use of MOODLE LMS as a mediator to facilitate the communication teacher-student using the Timeline as the major didactical tool are described.