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Detalles del Título

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Título A woman's book of life: the biology, psychology, and spirituality of the feminine life cycleLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Borysenko, Joan (Autor)
Publicación Estados Unidos : Riverhead Books, 1996
Descripción Física xiv, 304 p.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 1573220434
Clasificación(es) 305.4
Materia(s) Mujer; Psicología de la mujer; Ciclo de vida humana;
Resumen The feminine life cycle. Becoming a woman: from Adam's rib to Eve's chromosomes. Ages 0-7: early childhood: from empathy to interdependence. Ages 7-14: Middle childhood: the logic of the hearth. Ages 14-21: adolescence: snow white falls asleep, but awakens to herself. Ages 21-28: A home of one's own: the psychobiology of mating and motherhood. Ages 28-35: the age 30 transition: new realities, new plans. Age 35-42: healing and balance: spinning straw into gold. Ages 42-49: the midlife metamorphosis: authenticity, power, and the emergence of the guardian. Ages 49-56: from herbs to HRT: a mindful approach to menopause. Ages 56-63: the heart of a woman: feminine power and social action. Ages 63-70: wisdom's daughters: creating a new integral culture. Ages 70-77: the gifts of changes: resiliency, loss, and growth. Ages 77-84 and beyond: recapitulating our lives: generativity, retrospection, and trascendence.
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039805Biblioteca Universidad Icesi3305.4/B739wDisponibleCol. General