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Título History of the 20 centuryLibros / Impreso - Libros
Contenidos Depression in the Americas v.47: the United States, society in turmoil
The nazi takeover v.48: legal dictatorship official violence authorized murder
Nazi germany v.50
Stalin's Russia v.51: the authoritarian system five-year plans the great purge
The drift to dictatorship v.52: in central eastern and south eastern europe
The industrial giant v.53: slump and recovery in america : Roosevelt's new deal
Sport in the thirties v.54: Hitler's olympics also : czechoslovakia's twenty years of freedom
Depression v.55: society politics literature
France on trial v.56: the stavisky affair : corruption in high places the popular front, coalition against fascism
The spanish civil war v.58: also, Hitler and the german army Austria seized/Japan invades China
Munich v.59: anatomy of a crisis also : on the brink of war by AJP Taylor
Hitler strikes in Poland v.61
Churchill/Martin Gilbert v.63
Great britain thrashed v.64: the struggle for crete and north africa
When the world held its breath v.65: Hitler invades Russia, the greatest military operation in history
Japan's triumph v.66: pearl harbour a date which will live in infamy
Germany's agony v.67
The Nazis at war v.68: the horror of Europe's new dark age and a german plot to end it
The civilian war v.69: in great britain : the blitz in Russia, the death of millions
The Pacific war mountbatten of burma v.72: personal recollections
The twilight of the gods v.71: Hitler and Mussolini, defeat, destruction
Closing the ring v.70: D-day, the invasion of Italy, Russia's offensive
The big three at war v.73: Poland and greece, communist or free?
Autor(es) Taylor, Alan John Percivale (Editor)
Roberts, John Morris, 1928-2003 (Editor)
Publicación Gran Bretaña : BPC Publishing Ltd., 1969
Descripción Física v
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 940.53
Materia(s) Guerra mundial II, 1939-1945; Estados Unidos; Nazis; Sistema autoritario; STALIN, JOSEPH, 1879-1953; Filósofos; Gran Bretaña; Socialismo; Guerra civil; Polonia; Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965; Invasión Nazi a la Unión Soviética; Japón; PEARL HARBOR; Hitler, Adolfo, 1889-1945;