Detalles del Título
Detalles del Título

Título Consumo de bebidas azucaradas por niños en edad escolarTrabajo de Grado / En línea - Trabajo de Grado
Autor(es) Rincón Carvajal, Alitza Yiseth (Autor)
Camacho Garcia, Francisco (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, 2020
Descripción Física 56 páginas
Idioma Español;
Departamento de Diseño
Materia(s) Bebidas azucaradas; Hábitos saludables; Enfermedades crónicas; Saludable; Consumo; Niños; Herramientas de diseño; Bebidas saludables; Salud infantil; Medios interactivos; Nutrición infantil; Herramienta tecnológica; Trabajos de grado;
Nota(s) Trabajo de grado (Diseño de Medios Interactivos). Universidad Icesi, 2020.
Resumen Purpose - To transmit knowledge that helps children and parents to understand in a simple, clear and fun way about the effects of sugary drinks. Design/methodology/approach - There are different design tools to take as a guide so that the research is classified in different ways taking quantitative and qualitative approaches. For this study, the type of descriptive research was preferred as it is related to the reality of the actors. selected. This type of study can be accompanied by interviews with design methods such as those mentioned below. Findings - With the purpose of generating fun, easy and clear means to inform children of the characteristics and consequences generated by the consumption of ultra-processed foods, the importance of creating related experiences in the school environment is taken into account. It is important to create a bond between children and parents; propose activities that intervene in the child's natural environment, raise awareness, since, when choosing food in the supermarket, some are influenced by the demands of their children.
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TG02846Biblioteca Universidad Icesi3 DisponibleTrabajo Grado